1962 Halloween Massacre Free Hd Movie

1962 Halloween Massacre
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1962 Halloween Massacre Free Hd Movie
IMDb: 5.1
It was a dark and stormy Halloween night in the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois. A young boy named Michael Myers had just brutally murdered his older sister Judith with a kitchen knife. He was sent away to a mental hospital, but 15 years later, he broke out and returned to Haddonfield to continue his killing spree. Meanwhile, high school student Laurie Strode is babysitting young Tommy Doyle on Halloween night. She keeps seeing an eerie figure wearing a ghostly white mask watching them from the shadows. Later that night, Tommy's friend Lonnie teases them about the boogeyman, adding to their unease. Meanwhile, Michael stealthily murders Laurie's friends Annie and Lynda as they also babysit around town. Eventually, Laurie discovers the bodies and realizes there is a killer on the loose. In a terrifying climax, Michael chases Laurie throughout the Doyle house and attacks her. But she fights back courageously and finally subdues him until Dr. Loomis arrives to take Michael back into custody, ending his crazed massacre. In the end, the survivors are left shaken by the tragic violence that disrupted their peaceful community on that fateful Halloween.
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