A Roommate To Die For Movie Online Full

A Roommate To Die For
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A Roommate To Die For Movie Online Full
IMDb: 6.2
When freshman college student Emma arrives at her new dorm, she's nervous but excited to start this new chapter. She hopes to make friends and memories that will last a lifetime. However, Emma soon realizes her randomly-assigned roommate is anything but normal. Rebecca is cold and standoffish, refusing to engage in small talk or bond over their shared space.As the weeks pass, Rebecca's behavior grows more erratic. She starts obsessively tracking Emma's every move, from her class schedule to her social life. Rebecca bombard's Emma with texts whenever she's out late or talking to a cute classmate. Emma tries setting boundaries, but Rebecca always has an excuse ready. Emma notices things missing from her side of the room—little things at first like pens and hair ties, then bigger personal items. She changes her lock, but the invasions continue.Emma knows something is seriously wrong, but the dorm only switches roommates under extreme circumstances. She feels trapped sharing a room with someone spiraling out of control who watches her every step. Emma starts questioning if she can make it through the semester safely with a roommate who might be willing to kill for their space.
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