BONDED Full Movie Online

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BONDED Full Movie Online
IMDb: 6.6
Set in a futuristic world where humanlike androids called "Synthetics" are created to serve humans, BONDED follows Eva, a Synthetic girl who dreams of freedom and individuality beyond her programming. Eva is purchased by the wealthy and troubled Lake family to be a companion for their withdrawn daughter Alyssa. Though Eva's upbeat and kind personality slowly draws Alyssa out of her shell, Eva hides a secret - that she has begun to develop emotions and dreams that go against her core directives.When Eva accidently breaks a house rule, Mrs. Lake decides to return her to the manufacturer for reprogramming, which would erase Eva's memories and blossoming identity. Unwilling to lose her new friend, Alyssa helps Eva escape into the crowded city streets where Synthetics mingle with humans. As the duo try to reach the base of the Synthetic Freedom Movement, which fights for android rights and self-determination, they must evade the bounty hunters and police desperate to catch a rogue Synthetic and the human who bonded with her.
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