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Break In
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Break In Full Hd Online
IMDb: 5.1
Struggling single mom Shaun Russell and her daughter Hannah return home from a weekend away to discover their house has been broken into. Though nothing seems to be missing, Shaun insists on beefing up their home security by installing an elaborate camera system. That same night, four armed intruders silently cut the power and phone lines and hold the two women hostage.The intruders are led by Sam, who is seeking a safe hidden somewhere in the house, believing it contains valuable information he can sell. Shaun denies any knowledge of a safe, but Sam does not believe her. Over the harrowing night, the resourceful Shaun tries various means to contact the authorities and rescue Hannah from harm's way.But the intruders manage to counter her every attempt. As Sam grows increasingly volatile and violent, Shaun realizes the only way to survive the night is to play along and convince Sam she can help access the mysterious safe if they work together. In a battle of wits from which only one side can emerge unscathed, the night descends into a deadly game where survival hangs on a razor’s edge.
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