Coming to Africa: Welcome to Ghana Free Hd Online

Coming to Africa: Welcome to Ghana
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Coming to Africa: Welcome to Ghana Free Hd Online
When the American Johnson family decides to take a vacation to Ghana to learn more about their ancestral roots, they expect to see exotic animals, try new foods, and learn about the local culture. However, they soon find that assimilating is more difficult than anticipated.The family struggles with the language barrier, as English is commonly spoken but local dialects prevail. They try unique dishes like fufu and banku but have trouble adjusting to the spicy flavors. While fascinated by kente clothes and traditional drumming, the contrast from their Western lifestyle is jarring. They visit Cape Coast Castle and the emotional experience leaves them speechless.Still, the warmth and joy of the Ghanaian people make an impression. By immersing themselves fully into the culture, rather than just being tourists, the family develops a profound respect for the country. As they prepare to return home, they are grateful for the life-changing opportunity to honor their heritage. Though initially outsiders, Ghana has now become part of their story. They depart with an expanded worldview and unforgettable memories.
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