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Devil On My Doorstep
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Devil On My Doorstep Full Movie Online
IMDb: 5.1
The film Devil On My Doorstep tells the story of Ordinary Jan Dorman, a dock worker living in Hampstead, London in 1942 during World War II. One day a mysterious stranger named Harry appears on Jan's doorstep and presents him with a dangerous mission. Harry explains that he is part of the British Special Operations Executive, a secret branch of the British forces. Harry tells Jan that the Nazis have kidnapped Jan's wife Mary and will kill her if Jan does not carry out this mission.The mission involves Jan pretending to be a Nazi prisoner of war so that he can be transported to a secret camp in France where a high-ranking German general is being held. Once at the camp, Jan must find a way to bring the General to a rendezvous point where the British forces will ambush the group and capture the General. Jan is terrified but sees no other choice if he wants to save his wife's life.After being briefed on his mission, Jan is brought to the camp disguised as a Nazi prisoner. There he encounters ruthless SS soldiers and struggles to gain access to the General while maintaining his disguise. In a tense series of events, Jan manages to sneak the General out of the camp to the planned rendezvous point. Just when it seems the mission is accomplished, there is a sudden twist that leaves Jan's fate and his wife's life hanging in the balance.
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