Don’t Buy the Seller Hd Full Online

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Don’t Buy the Seller Hd Full Online
IMDb: 6.5
Don't Buy the Seller tells the story of Mehmet, a young and ambitious real estate agent trying to make it big in Istanbul's cutthroat housing market. When Mehmet gets an opportunity to sell an expensive villa for a wealthy businessman, he sees it as his chance to break into the elite world of luxury home sales. However, Mehmet soon realizes the villa is practically unsellable due to problematic tenants who refuse to leave.Desperate to make the high-stakes sale, Mehmet resorts to increasingly absurd and comedic schemes to get the tenants out, from creative legal threats to outright tricks and bribes. But the stubborn tenants thwart him at every turn, resulting in a spiraling battle of wits. Meanwhile, Mehmet struggles to keep the lucrative listing, navigating the manipulative tactics of his ruthless billionaire boss.As Mehmet gets pulled deeper into an outrageous web of deception, he is forced to make compromises that challenge his morality. In the end, Don't Buy the Seller is a fun satire exploring ambition, greed, and integrity in a market where underhandedness is the unspoken rule to get ahead.
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