Eat Your Heart Out Movie Full Online

Eat Your Heart Out
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Eat Your Heart Out Movie Full Online
IMDb: 5
Eat Your Heart Out follows Vivian, a shy high school senior who has never been kissed. When her outgoing and adventurous friend Holly gets them invited to the cool kids' exclusive Halloween party, Vivian sees it as her chance to finally experience her first kiss. At the party, Vivian catches the eye of heartthrob Spanish exchange student Ramon. They start to bond over their shared interests and he seems captivated by her quirky personality.Just when it seems Vivian might finally get her kiss, Holly drunkenly makes out with Ramon right in front of her. Devastated, Vivian flees the party and makes a rash wish upon a shooting star to get rid of her feelings for Ramon. The next morning, she is horrified to find that her wish came true - literally - when she wakes up with a gaping hole in her chest where her heart used to be.With some help from her oddball aunt and her science crush Wes, Vivian sets out on Halloween night to track down her missing heart. Dodging dangers and supernatural surprises, Vivian embarks on a wild and spooky journey about learning to take romantic risks while staying true to yourself.
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