Fat Girl Watch Full Hd

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Fat Girl Watch Full Hd
IMDb: 6.4
Fat Girl centers on the relationship between 15-year-old chubby teenager Anais and her attractive older sister, Elena. While vacationing with their permissive mother at a secluded French beach resort, both girls explore their budding sexuality in different ways.Worldly and flirty Elena attracts the attention of Fernando, an Italian law student, and sets her sights on losing her virginity with him. Shy, withdrawn Anais observes her sister while hanging out with an unnamed teenage boy who cares little about her. As Elena's affair progresses, dominated by Fernando and ending in unclear consent, Anais longs to understand sex and have her first time.When a family stops at the resort late one night, Anais sees her opportunity with the family’s adult son. But things take a violent turn when they go to an isolated spot on the beach, leaving the viewer concerned over Anais’ fate. Fat Girl offers an unflinching critique of sexuality, consent, and the experience of adolescent girls through an unsettling coming of age lens.
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