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Frisky Business
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Frisky Business Full Movie Online
IMDb: 5.8
Frisky Business follows Claire, an ambitious marketing executive who feels stuck in her career. Though she excels in her high-powered job, Claire feels unfulfilled and bored with the monotony of corporate life. When her best friend Zoe, who runs an elite escort service, persuades her to take a walk on the wild side, Claire nervously takes the leap. She dons a new persona as “Candy” for her first escort appointment with a mysterious client named Mr. Royce.Though hesitant at first, Claire finds a thrill in the escape that her secret escapades provide from her routine existence. As she continues seeing clients, her confidence soars both in and out of the bedroom. Meanwhile, Claire strikes up a promising new relationship with Alex, a charming regular customer. She struggles to balance her blossoming romance with Alex and her nightlife as her upscale alter ego, keeping the separate worlds carefully compartmentalized.When a surprising business opportunity arises, Claire contemplates leaving the escort business behind. But despite the risks, she can’t resist the addictive rush that her taboo double life provides. As Claire tries satisfying her voracious ambitions in her complex quest for fulfillment, her chaotic web of lies and pretense threatens to unravel around her.
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