Hardcore Never Dies Movie Hd Full

Hardcore Never Dies
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Hardcore Never Dies Movie Hd Full
IMDb: 7
Veteran hardcore punk musician Joe reveals in an interview that his band The Dischordians is reuniting for one final tour, 25 years after a bitter breakup. He hires young filmmakers Eve and Olli to document the preparations for the tour. We see Joe reconnecting with the eccentric and unhinged former bandmates who all harbor complicated feelings about one another and unresolved anger over the group’s demise.As rehearsals get underway, long-simmering beefs ignite anew, leading to infighting and chaos, with the guys at one another’s throats as unhealed wounds are reopened.Things spiral further out of control when a crazed stalker from their past emerges, harboring a murderous grudge. Eve and Olli’s cameras capture both the exhilarating creative process of the aging punks rediscovering their magic and the volatility of the relationships, climaxing in a cathartic blowout backstage before their comeback show. Hardcore Never Dies is a poignant, hilarious, and raw portrait of the brotherhood, betrayal, resentment, and passion behind a seminal DIY punk band giving it one more shot at glory.
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