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Head on a Plate
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Head on a Plate Hd Online Full
IMDb: 2.6
Head on a Plate is a dark comedy centering on Arthur, an anxious and unambitious man who lands an office job at a multinational tech company. On his first day, Arthur's boss Eugene informs him that he must literally serve his head on a plate to upper management at an upcoming corporate retreat if he wants to secure a promotion. At first, Arthur assumes Eugene is speaking metaphorically. However, he soon realizes Eugene is deadly serious - Arthur must decapitate himself and present his own severed head if he wants to climb the corporate ladder.Horrified but determined to get ahead, Arthur spends the next weeks researching obscure medical procedures to survive a beheading. After miraculously succeeding in his gruesome self-mutilation, a woozy, bandaged Arthur arrives at the corporate retreat with his head on a plate. But not all goes according to plan. In a comically dark commentary on hyper-capitalist work culture, Head on a Plate skewers the extreme lengths people will go for professional success and prestige. While ultimately played for absurd laughs, Arthur's journey provokes thought about the high personal costs of ambition and the need for ethical limits even at the highest levels of business.
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