JFK: What The Doctors Saw Full Movie Online

JFK: What The Doctors Saw
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JFK: What The Doctors Saw Full Movie Online
IMDb: 7.5
JFK: What The Doctors Saw revisits the assassination of President John F. Kennedy using first-hand accounts from the doctors who treated him. The film follows neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Grossman, the first physician who examined JFK’s fatal head wound in trauma room one of Parkland Hospital on November 22, 1963. Still haunted by the events of that day after all these years, Dr. Grossman seeks out his surviving colleagues to understand more about the president’s last moments.Through extensive interviews, the film reconstructs the frantic efforts to save JFK’s life from the doctors’ perspectives. As they relay their shocking memories, it becomes clear from the horrific injuries they witnessed that there must have been more than one shooter. Combining the chilling medical testimony with archival footage and autopsy photographs, JFK: What The Doctors Saw makes the case that a lone gunman could not have inflicted such extensive damage from that vantage point. The doctors’ accounts conclusively dispel the official narrative that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Their bold statements jeopardized their careers, but they remain firm in their commitment to the truth about the circumstances surrounding Kennedy’s death. Their word provides gripping evidence of a cover-up.
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