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Lolita Full Watch Movie
IMDb: 6.8
"Lolita," directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1962, is adapted from Vladimir Nabokov's novel of the same name. The story is told from the perspective of Humbert Humbert, a middle-aged man. Humbert becomes passionately infatuated with Dolores Haze, a young and attractive girl, nicknamed Lolita. Lolita is the daughter of Charlotte Haze, Humbert's landlady. By moving into Charlotte's house, Humbert gets the chance to be close to Lolita. However, Humbert has to keep his obsession with Lolita a secret. Charlotte confesses her feelings to Humbert and wants to marry him. Not wanting to lose Lolita, Humbert agrees to marry Charlotte.However, Charlotte tragically dies without realizing Humbert's true feelings. With her death, Humbert gets closer to Lolita and takes her on a road trip. Throughout this trip, Humbert continues his obsession with the young girl. Lolita enjoys Humbert’s attention and an odd relationship develops between them. However, Humbert’s love and need to control complicates their relationship further, ultimately ending tragically. The film provides an in-depth character study on moral dilemmas, passion and obsession, while presenting the audience with a disturbing and thought-provoking story.
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