Miranda’s Victim Full Watch Hd

Miranda's Victim
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Miranda’s Victim Full Watch Hd
IMDb: 6.4
Miranda's Victim is a psychological thriller focusing on Miranda, a woman harboring a sinister secret underneath her friendly exterior. To her family, friends, and co-workers, Miranda seems to have an ideal life - a lavish house, handsome husband, and thriving career. However, she hides a dark compulsion to kidnap random young women to fulfill her twisted desires.Miranda’s latest victim is Katie, a free-spirited college student exploring Europe on her own. After Katie accepts Miranda’s offer to stay in her guest house, she is drugged and imprisoned in a soundproof chamber concealed below the property. Trapped in darkness, Katie suffers at the hands of her mysterious captor as Miranda tries extracting intimacy and affection through manipulation and abuse.As time passes, Katie realizes her survival hinges on gaining Miranda’s trust. She plays into Miranda’s delusions and fantasy of friendship, hoping to find an opportunity to escape. But Miranda’s all-consuming jealousy, rage, and capacity for violence threatens to erupt at any moment. Katie descends into a desperate struggle to outwit her psychopathic captor before Miranda permanently silences her latest victim.
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