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Nuovo Olimpo
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Nuovo Olimpo Full Movie Online
IMDb: 7.2
In the beautiful island of Sardinia, the rich and eccentric Veglia family gathers every summer at their luxurious villa Nuovo Olimpo. This year, tensions rise as the mentally fragile matriarch Agata starts exhibiting concerning behavior. Her son Mario brings his new much younger girlfriend, while her granddaughter Lavinia tries to impress Nicola, a local boy she has a crush on.The family's seemingly idyllic lifestyle slowly unravels as long-buried secrets and resentments float to the surface. When Lavinia suddenly disappears one night after a party, panic ensues. As accusations fly, the ugly truth about each family member comes out one by one. Agata descends into madness, Mario turns aggressive after discovering his lover's infidelity, while Nicola finds himself a murder suspect.In this psychological drama with thriller elements, director Caterina Carone explores the rotten core beneath the shiny surface of wealth and privilege. With the dream-like Sardinian landscape as a backdrop, family members tear each other apart instead of supporting each other in a time of crisis. The disastrous events lead every character to their breaking point, testing the bonds of family in extreme ways.
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