ONEFOUR: Against All Odds Full Movie Online

ONEFOUR: Against All Odds
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ONEFOUR: Against All Odds Full Movie Online
IMDb: 6.7
Against All Odds chronicles the rise of Australian drill rap group ONEFOUR from western Sydney's Mount Druitt neighborhood. The film follows members J Emz, Spenny, Lekks, and YP as they try to achieve their musical dreams while facing the socioeconomic struggles of their community. As young men feeling disenfranchised by society, ONEFOUR turns to drill music as an outlet. However, their confrontational lyrics soon catch the attention of police who accuse them of inciting violence.Banned from performing and with several members jailed, ONEFOUR seems down and out. But their supporters believe in the group's talent and social message. After months in prison, surviving personal struggles, and overcoming the blockade on their music, ONEFOUR stages a triumphant hometown concert. Their story becomes one of perseverance against systematic oppression as the group finally breaks through to share their voice with the world. In the face of difficult odds, ONEFOUR manages to achieve their artistic vision while inspiring hope.
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