Red Flags 2 Free Hd Online

Red Flags 2
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Red Flags 2 Free Hd Online
IMDb: 5.2
After surviving the perils of online dating in the first film, Ethan is newly single again and ready to get back out there. Encouraged by his friends to try more unconventional dating methods this time, he decides to dip his toe in the world of sugar dating. He connects with an attractive older woman named Angela who seems genuinely interested in him. However, as their relationship progresses, the red flags that Ethan tries his best to ignore become too concerning to disregard. Angela insists on extravagant gifts and experiences well outside of Ethan's budget. She gets irrationally angry over insignificant issues. She monitors and controls Ethan's activities. It becomes evident that Angela is only interested in what Ethan can provide for her financially, not in a meaningful relationship.Ethan finally works up the courage to break things off, but Angela turns vindictive and unhinged. She hacks into his social media accounts to ruin his reputation. As Ethan deals with the chaos she creates in his life, he learns why setting and respecting boundaries is so crucial when dating. With help from his loyal friends, he gets back on track and once again vows to proceed more cautiously in the search for romance. The misadventures serve as important lessons that empower Ethan to advocate for himself.
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