Showdown at the Grand Full Watch Movie

Showdown at the Grand
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Showdown at the Grand Full Watch Movie
IMDb: 5.2
The Showdown at the Grand follows the story of Wyatt Earp, a legendary lawman and gunslinger in the Old West. When a violent gang of outlaws led by the notorious Curly Bill Brocious ride into Tombstone, Arizona, Earp knows trouble is brewing. As the outlaws begin terrorizing the town, Earp, along with his friend Doc Holliday, the sickly gambler, and Earp's brothers, assemble to take down Brocious and his men.Tensions rise as Earp and Brocious have a tense standoff at the O.K. Corral. Despite being outnumbered, Earp stands his ground, refusing to allow Brocious and his thugs to continue menacing Tombstone. When the talking ends, the guns come out in a fury of bullets. Earp and his brothers emerge victorious, but the feud between the lawman and the outlaw gang is just beginning.The action-packed fight for frontier justice reaches its climax during an intense showdown on a train. Earp finally defeats Brocious in a man-to-man duel, bringing peace and order back to the town of Tombstone. Though greatly outnumbered, Earp's courage and quick-draw gun skills carry the day.
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