Snake Hotel Full Movie Online

Snake Hotel
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Snake Hotel Full Movie Online
IMDb: 5.9
Backpacker couple Kelly and Jack head to a remote desert hotel infamous for being populated entirely by venomous snakes that roam free in guest rooms. Morbid curiosity draws thrill-seekers willing to sign a waiver to stay there. Kelly is fascinated while Jack is squeamish, but agrees to appease her. Upon arriving at the bizarre Snake Hotel, run by eccentric Europeans, they meet a diverse and eclectic mix of other young travelers lodging there.Kelly plunges right in, enthralled with the snakes, while paranoid Jack jumps at shadows. After disturbing pranks and deadly snakes showing up in strange locales, Kelly speculates someone is orchestrating sinister sabotage. When guests begin to turn up dead from mysterious snake bites behind locked doors, Kelly convinces Jack they must uncover the perpetrator before becoming victims themselves.Fighting increasing terror as vipers invade cause chaos, Kelly and Jack discover a twisted secret about the proprietors’ true purpose for the Snake Hotel that explorers were never meant to leave alive. Trapped in a maze-like lair housing deadly pits of lethal snakes, the couple realizes the only way out is by facing their fears and outsmarting their murderous hosts.
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