The Christmas Pledge Full Watch Hd

The Christmas Pledge
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The Christmas Pledge Full Watch Hd
IMDb: 4.8
As children, best friends Sadie and Ben made a solemn Christmas pact to get married if they were both still single when they turned 30. Ten years later, Sadie is happily living in Phoenix while Ben has stayed in their small hometown. As Sadie’s 30th birthday approaches, she decides to return home to spend Christmas with her family. There she reconnects with Ben, who jokingly reminds her about their childhood pact.Although Ben is dating someone else, Sadie starts viewing him in a romantic light. It doesn’t help when her meddling aunt and Ben’s overenthusiastic mom try to push them together. With the holiday spirit in the air and cherished Christmas traditions around each corner, Sadie starts falling for Ben. But is it too late for their decade-old pact to come true?Full of yuletide nostalgia and female friendship, The Christmas Pact is a romantic comedy about second chances and following your heart. With a picturesque, snow-laden Vermont village as the backdrop, it shows that holiday dreams can indeed come true with a little pinch of fate and festive magic.
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