The Dirty South Full Hd Online

The Dirty South
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The Dirty South Full Hd Online
IMDb: 7.3
The Dirty South tells the story of Ben Raymond, a disillusioned 40-year-old man still living in his hometown in the rural South. Ben dreams of being a writer but works a dead-end job at the local car dealership, where his tyrannical boss, Wayne Price, belittles him. Ben lives with his elderly mother and turns to alcohol to cope with his mundane life.When the local sheriff’s rebellious teenage daughter goes missing, Ben sees a chance to finally do something meaningful. He teams up with the girl's distraught father on a dangerous mission to find her, joined by his best friend from high school. Tracking the girl’s last known whereabouts to Florida, they traverse the backroads of the 1990s South as Ben reflects on memories of his youth.Along the way, Ben reconnects with an old flame which leads him to reconsider the choices he's made in life. When they finally find the missing girl, the events surrounding her disappearance make Ben confront troubling truths about his hometown that compel him to take a stand. In an act of defiance, Ben must summon the courage to fight against the dark forces that hold him back from achieving his dreams and finally escape the confines of the dirty South.
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