The Five Movie Hd Full Online

The Five
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The Five Movie Hd Full Online
IMDb: 5.3
The Five tells the story of four childhood friends who witness the abduction of their friend Jesse during a summer afternoon 20 years ago. The four friends - Emma, Pru, Sam and Mark - were playing in the park when Jesse was taken, but they cannot remember exactly what happened that day. For years, the mystery of what happened to Jesse remains unsolved.The five friends go their separate ways, haunted and bonded forever by shared tragedy. Twenty years later, Emma has become a homicide detective. When a serial killer starts murdering people in exactly the same manner that Jesse was abducted, Emma realizes she must confront the buried ghosts of her past. She reaches out to her estranged childhood friends and they reunite to finally learn the truth about what happened to Jesse.Emma’s investigation into the serial murders leads the friends back to the same park where Jesse disappeared. They start remembering details about that horrific day, putting together pieces of the puzzle. Their disjointed memories may expose what really happened to Jesse and why their lives were destroyed. But returning to the crime scene also places their own lives in peril. The Five must face their fears and work together to learn the truth before they too are picked off, one by one.
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