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The Little Hours
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The Little Hours Hd Watch Full
IMDb: 5.8
"The Little Hours," a quirky and irreverent comedy film directed by Jeff Baena, transports audiences to a medieval convent setting where unconventional chaos ensues. The story unfolds within the confines of a seemingly tranquil convent, where three nuns, played by Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, and Kate Micucci, disrupt the expected serenity with their rebellious behavior. The film takes a humorous and satirical approach to the constraints of religious life as the nuns engage in unconventional activities, including inappropriate behavior, foul language, and unexpected romantic entanglements.Dave Franco's character, Massetto, adds another layer of complexity to the narrative, seeking refuge in the convent disguised as a deaf-mute handyman. The ensuing comedic tension arises as Massetto tries to navigate the peculiarities of the nuns' behavior while maintaining his cover. The film cleverly blends elements of medieval farce with a modern, irreverent sense of humor, creating a unique and entertaining experience for the audience. "The Little Hours" challenges traditional expectations of religious institutions, offering a fresh perspective on morality and human nature through its unconventional characters and witty dialogue. With a stellar ensemble cast and a distinctive setting, the film provides a comedic escapade that transcends time and tradition, delivering laughter and surprises at every turn.
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