The Other Zoey Full Watch Movie

The Other Zoey
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The Other Zoey Full Watch Movie
IMDb: 5.8
Zoey, a shy suburban teenager, feels invisible at home and school, overshadowed by her popular older sister Claire. At her new public high school, Zoey hopes to reinvent herself but finds fitting in just as hard. At a house party, Claire spikes Zoey’s drink as a “prank” and Zoey blacks out. The next morning, Zoey wakes up feeling strangely confident and free of anxiety. She discovers a hidden alter-ego named “Bad Zoey” has emerged - an uninhibited, dangerous rule-breaker. As Zoey enjoys her new wild side, she falls deeper under “Bad Zoey’s” influence with a rebellious classmate named Skylar.Boundaries are crossed and Zoey finds herself in escalating trouble, alienating family and friends. Seeking answers, Zoey uncovers a unsettling truth - “Bad Zoey” is somehow another person, an alternate Zoey that was created inside her subconscious after she blacked out. As “Bad Zoey” tries to take control of their shared body and mind, Zoey races to find a way to confront her alter-ego and reclaim her identity before she loses her scholarship and future forever.
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