The Sacrifice Game Full Movie Online

The Sacrifice Game
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The Sacrifice Game Full Movie Online
IMDb: 5.5
In the dystopian city of New Cairo in the 22nd century, a lethal game called The Sacrifice Game is used by the totalitarian regime to control the masses. Each year, randomly selected citizens between 18 and 21 are forced to participate as “tributes” battling to the death in a high-tech arena filled with dangerous obstacles and weapons. The sole survivor is rewarded with riches and glory.This year's favorite is Kali, a strong and ruthless 18-year-old trained since childhood by her zealot father to compete and win at any cost. However, unbeknownst to her, Kali's boyfriend Vik, a gifted hacker, has secretly added her name to the tributes list in order to spark a revolution. When Kali refuses to kill her opponents, Vik utilizes his skills to manipulate the digital arena and help her survive.As the games continue, through brilliance and bravery, Kali and Vik lead an uprising of the tributes against the merciless dictatorship, risking their lives in a quest for freedom. Their sacrifice inspires the citizens, sparking citywide protests demanding change and greater liberty in New Cairo.
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