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Watch Serendipity Movie Free Hd
IMDb: 6.8
"Serendipity" is a romantic comedy film released in 2001 that revolves around the chance encounter of two strangers, Jonathan Trager and Sara Thomas, in New York City. Despite being in other relationships, they feel an instant connection to each other. Sara, however, believes strongly in the concept of "serendipity": the idea that fate plays a role in bringing people together. To test this belief, they part ways and leave their future meeting to fate. Jonathan writes his phone number on a $5 bill and Sara does the same in a book, with the intention that if fate brings them back together, they will find each other through these items. Years pass, and both Jonathan and Sara become engaged to other people. Yet, they cannot shake off the memories of their brief encounter. Jonathan sets out on a quest to find Sara, convinced that they are meant to be together. Meanwhile, Sara is also experiencing doubts about her impending marriage. As fate would have it, they both embark on a journey to find each other once again, leading to a series of humorous and heartwarming events. In the end, they realize that true love is indeed serendipitous, as they finally reunite and embrace their destiny together.
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