Wingwomen Full Movie Online

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Wingwomen Full Movie Online
IMDb: 5.6
Amanda, Rachel, and Samantha have been best friends since college. Now in their 30s, the trio live together in New York City and spend their nights wingwomaning for each other at bars and clubs, helping each other meet men. However, they all still find themselves single. When Amanda, the most career-driven of the three, gets passed up for a promotion at her advertising firm, she becomes convinced that being single is holding her back from her ambitions.Determined to find themselves husbands, the wingwomen devote all their energy and marketing savvy into landing themselves men within 30 days. Hijinks ensue as they attempt extreme makeovers, crash weddings to meet candidates, and force set-ups with eligible bachelors. But in the midst of the fun, deeper questions arise about whether marriage should be a goal instead of a byproduct and the true meaning of happiness.By the deadline, Amanda, Rachel and Samantha realize they don't need to change who they are to find love. And just as they stop looking, surprising romantic prospects present themselves, making for unexpected yet perfect matches with these bold, funny and empowered women.
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