Wrath of Dracula Free Watch Online

Wrath of Dracula
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Wrath of Dracula Free Watch Online
IMDb: 5.3
Count Dracula has risen from the grave once again and is terrorizing the English countryside. Van Helsing, the renowned vampire hunter, assembles a team to track down and destroy Dracula before he can claim more innocent victims. They follow clues and encounter various minions and brides of Dracula along the way.After many dangerous encounters and narrow escapes, Van Helsing's team finally locates Dracula's lair, an ancient castle hidden deep within the Carpathian Mountains. They infiltrate the castle and search its many rooms filled with cobwebs, gargoyles, and undead creatures. When they finally confront Dracula in his inner sanctum, he unleashes his full wrath upon them.An epic battle ensues, with Dracula using his superhuman strength and hypnotic powers against Van Helsing's faith and holy weapons. The team struggles to work together as Dracula singles out and takes control of some of their members. Just when it seems Dracula has gained the upper hand, Van Helsing manages to stake him through the heart.Dracula's body crumbles to dust and his sinister hold over the land is broken. The surviving members of Van Helsing's team barely escape from the collapsing castle, bloodied but relieved their long mission is finally over. Though Dracula has been defeated for now, they know he will one day rise again to spread his eternal wrath and terror.
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